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Frequently Asked Questions about our tours and travel services.

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Why are your tours so reasonably priced?
We use mainly direct marketing, avoid printing massive amounts of brochures and believe in great value for money. We keep our overhead costs low and are able to pass on our savings directly to you.
Are your tours suitable for seniors?
Absolutely. We have passengers of all age groups travelling with us. Our oldest traveller was a proud 97 years. We offer shorter scenic walks, easy access in and out our vehicles, free time to relax, we travel in small groups with great personal service and our tours are affordable.
Does a single traveller pay a single supplement on your tours?
All our tour prices are based on twin or double share. We have many passengers travelling alone, female or male, young or in their 70 ties. If you are happy to share, we can pair you up with another single traveller of the same gender. However, if we are unable to a room companion for you, the single supplement needs to be paid. If you do not wish to share, you can book the single room option.
When and how do I book your tour?
We receive enquiries and bookings every day. Please book with us before you make any other arrangements such as hotels or flights to Adelaide, Darwin, Broome, Hobart etc. We keep our available seat numbers fairly updated, but there might have been just someone or a group that called or emailed before you.
Can I hold a seat on of your tours?
Yes, you can hold a seat. We will give you enough time to get your leave sorted, grand kids organised or any other arrangements you might have to make.
Can I get a tour brochure?
Yes, you can. Just give us a call or send us an email to request a printable itinerary. The brochure can be sent to you in the mail or we can attach it to an email for you to print at home. Alternatively you can also save the itinerary on your computer. There will always be a laminated itinerary on our tour vehicles as well.
What kind of food do you provide?
All of our meals are made of good quality ingredients and we can cater to any dietary requirement. There is always drinking water on board and we offer fruit and snacks in between the meals. You will find a great variety of teas, plunger coffee, juice and we even bake our own gluten free bread and muffins for those that need it. Just let us know at time of booking, if you require a gluten free, vegetarian, lactose free diet or even if you just don’t like tomatoes or spicy food.
What luggage size is suitable for your tours?

Luggage allowances depend on the length of tour you are travelling on. If you are travelling / staying for longer, you can store a bag securely at your hotel or at our headquarters. We supply soft travel bags on some of our tours. The bags are complimentary and do not have to be returned. In addition to your main travel bag, you can bring a little shoulder bag or backpack to carry your water bottle, camera and personal items. A suggested packing list along with luggage allowances are sent out 4 weeks prior departure. If you require this information early, please get in touch.

What should I bring on tour?
We send out an email / letter with a packing list, weather forecast, airport information and other helpful information 4 weeks prior your tour departure. If you need this list earlier, just get in touch.
Will there be refrigeration for my medicine?
We have running fridges and eskies to keep our food fresh and cool. We also produce new ice while driving with our on board freezer. If you have a medication that needs to stay cool, we can certainly take care of it. Please inform us at time of tour booking. If you are on special medication, we always suggest bringing an extra 2 – 3 days worth especially when travelling into remote areas.
Can I charge my camera or phone while on tour?
You can recharge at all accommodation places.

Australian Iconic Tours carries a solar charger and deep cell batteries when you are joining a camping tour. You can charge your devices through a USB or cigarette lighter port.

Is there camping involved in your tours?
Some of our tours may involve camping nights. Each itinerary describes exactly the style of accommodation provided while on tour. Our camping tours include, a quality swag, sleeping bag, pillow and tent. We also have comfortable stretcher beds on offer for those that would like to sleep off the ground. Our tents are six person tents, but it is used for only two travellers or single, if you have booked the single option. You can stand up straight in our tents and camping nights are at suitable campgrounds with full facilities.
How can my family contact me while on tour?
Mobile reception is limited in remote areas. Our guides carry a satellite phone for safety reasons, if they are out of reception for several hours. Please leave our company name Australian Iconic Tours and our free call number 1800 814 218 (within Australia only) with your family and friends in case they need to get in contact. We will take the message in our office and pass it onto our guides as soon as possible. For calls from outside Australia, you need to pass on the phone number  +61 8 7225 2332.
Where do you pick up?
We pick up from any hotel located in the city centres. We can recommend a few hotels to suit your budget. If you stay with friends or relatives, we will inform you of the closest pick up location. Sometimes it might be on our way out of town and we can pick you up along the way.
Where can I store my car in Adelaide?

Car storage in Adelaide is very limited. Please mention at time of booking. Some hotels offer to keep your car while on tour with us. We can send you the best recommendations.

Do you charge a surcharge when paying my holiday with credit card?
We accept Mastercard and Visa Card payments for our tours and do NOT charge any extra fees. Other payment methods are direct deposit and by cheque.
Do I need travel insurance?

Australian Iconic Tours recommends our passengers to have personal travel insurance. It covers the loss or damage to your personal items, illness or injury while on tour or short notice cancellation on your part. Travel insurance will also cover you before and after our tour. We have had passengers in the past, who believed nothing will ever happen to them, but had a fall in the shower one week before the tour or even got injured on the way to the airport. Having no travel insurance can get very cost intensive and it is better to travel with a good peace of mind.

Should I travel when I am not well?

Australian Iconic Tours has the well-being of all travellers in mind.

If you are unwell before joining the tour or on the morning of departure, it is your obligation to disclose any pre-existing medical or other condition that may affect the risk that either you or any other person will suffer injury, loss or damage. Most of our tours take us to remote locations and emergency assistance can take several hours to arrive. 

A number of tours take us on dirt road tracks to remote locations and emergency assistance may take several hours to arrive. If you are unwell, travelling can make an illness or condition worse. 

If you suffer any injury or illness, Australian Iconic Tours may provide evacuation, first aid and medical treatment at your expense. By joining our tour, you accept these terms and conditions and consent to such evacuation, first aid and/or medical treatment.


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