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Eco Tourism ensuring the long term future of Australia

What is Good for the Planet is Good for Business!
Sustainable Eco Tourism is not just about being green – it is about ensuring a long term future for Australian tourism based on partnership and community benefit. Unifying as an industry so that we can reap the rewards in years to come rather than decimate our natural resources and habitats for short term gain.

Our commitment is to provide travellers with opportunities to participate in eco tours, which explore Australia with a sense of discovery and wonder, and to preserve our environment for future generations. As we do so, we strive to create tours that are as enriching and memorable as they are comfortable and fun.

We live and operate the following principles

  • Minimize impact on all tours
  • Build environmental and cultural awareness and respect
  • Provide positive experiences for both visitors and guides
  • Provide direct benefits for conservation
  • Provide direct financial benefits and empowerment for local people
  • Raise sensitivity to political, environmental and social climate
At least once a year we team up and spend a day volunteering for a local cause e.g. a local conservation project working in partnership with local people. In addition, Australian Iconic Tours is an annual host to international students and works together with an environmental station in the Riverland to support restoration and conservation.

We regularly donate money to charity. Organisations we have supported in this way include Australian Volunteer Coast Guards, Royal Flying Doctors, Make a Wish Foundation and Australian Conservation Foundation, just to name a few.

We have a policy of always using local suppliers wherever we can, so as to bring as much income to the local area as possible. We support the local economy and small business initiatives by visiting locally-owned small shops, restaurants and local farmers markets on our tours. To accommodate our passengers, we primarily use small family run guesthouses, lodges, historical stations that employ local workers. The majority of products consumed on our tours are locally produced and in season.

Environmental education teaches others to be ecologically responsible. Our tours and holidays are somewhat similar to educational travel, but much more active and fun. Australian Iconic Tours aims to ensure that every passenger leaves a tour having learned something about environmental preservation and cultural sensitivity. That includes the promotion of water and energy conservation and recycling tactics.


By booking our tours, our passengers are helping contribute to the conservation of this fragile environment.

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