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Tours to Coober Pedy showcase a fascinating part of Outback South Australia. A bizarre and very unique town with underground living, moon landscape and brilliant opal. Only here can you arrive with nothing and leave as one of the richest people in the world.

Coober Pedy
Coober Pedy
From Adelaide 847 kilometres along the explorer highway and out through the Stuarts Range lies the underground town of Coober Pedy. Once just a rocky, dusty desert plain and now well-known as the Opal Capital of the world and a fascinating place to visit in South Australia.

Coober Pedy is the adapted version for the Aboriginal term “kupa piti”, which means ‘white man in a hole’. Prior to 1920 Coober Pedy was known as the Stuart Range Opal Field named after the first European settler, John McDouall Stuart.

The town has a population of around 3500 people consisting of 45 different nationalities and more than 50% live underground. There are more than 70 opal fields with countless drill holes and shafts.

Underground Living in Coober Pedy
Living Underground

No matter what the weather is outside, underground temperatures remain between 23 and 25 degrees. You can easily be confronted with 45 degrees or more in the summer and very cold winter nights. The annual rainfall is only small at around 175mm a year.

The first opal was discovered in 1915 and people reliased it is not bad to live underground. While their homes were very basic back then, nowadays you can find entire hotels and luxury mansions underground.

You may not  see from the outside how far the tunnels and properties go, but the many chimneys rising from the sand are a good indication on how large these dugouts expand.

Coober Pedy Opal Mine
What is Opal?
Opal is a gemstone, a form of silica which contains water within its mineral structure. The more valuable opal contains between 6-10% of water. The different colours of an opal come from silica spheres pattern and size.

The opal value is depended on the body tone, colour, pattern, size and the way it was cut and polished. A black or darker body toned opal is more valuable because of the way it displays the other colours within the stone. You may pay as much money for a rare opal as you do for an expensive diamond or ruby.

All our tours included a visit to a working opal mine and you can even try your luck in finding your own special piece.

Coober Pedy Underground Church
Coober Pedy Attractions
  • See underground old mining shafts and homes,  explore an opal museum
  • Visit an underground church, the Serbian Orthodox and Catacomb Church are the most visited because of their architecture
  • See the Opal Fossils of South Australia including opalised shells, worms and the backbone of an Ichthyosaur, a large but extinct marine reptile
  • Wander through the local indigeneous art gallery and fall in love with the orphaned kangaroo babies that they raise
  • Play Golf surrounded by Outback desert
  • Try your luck in Noodling, a term used for searching for opal through mullock piles
Breakaways outside of Coober pedy
More Things to Do
  • Get up to the hilltop overlooking the town and also home to the first tree ever seen in town, a scrap iron tree
  • Take in the views from the Big Winch Lookout
  • Stop at the Blower Truck just outside of town
  • Check out the spaceship from the movie Pitch Black
  • See the Dingo Fence, a 5300 km long fence stretching across three states in Australia
  • Moon plains with fossilised shells and cracks
  • Watch a movie at local Drive In
  • Visit Crocodile Harry’s Underground Nest
  • Marvel at the Breakaways, part of the Kanku Breakaways Conservation Park and a stunning example of Outback Scenery
Play Golf in Coober Pedy
Coober Pedy Tours
Coober Pedy’s most interesting neighbours are incredible landmarks such as the Painted Desert and Lake Eyre. A tour from Adelaide to Coober Pedy via other iconic towns such as William Creek and Marree make a South Australian Outback experience a complete one.

Tours and scenic flights over the town, Lake Eyre and Painted Desert are available pretty much every day, but keep in mind the high summer temperatures in the Australian Outback. The hottest months are December, January and February. No matter what time of the year, travelling to the Australian Outback takes good preparation, sufficient water and food supply, a reliable 4WD vehicle and adequate equipment.

Visit Coober Pedy

Join one of our fabulous group tours to Coober Pedy or let us tailor a private Coober Pedy Tour for you or your group.
Experience unique underground living, get your very own and special opal, watch the sun set over the Breakaways and witness the incredible Outback sky with millions of stars.


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